« It » is a project carried out by Pauline Wathelet and Lucile Dizier.

The plural character of the term « It » is at the heart of our project. « It » reflecting the representation and perception of femininity in society, sometimes described as ‘woman-object’. « It » to promote the multiplicity of female genres, thus privileging a neutral and unassigned gender. Finally, « It » to highlight a more instinctive and less codified aspect of the feminine gender, representing the world of the subconscious, fantasies and drives.

Four staged images in which appear an informal, abstract, animal and instinctual world. Through hand-made constructions and accessories, the creatures of Pauline and Lucile wear the array of unjustified taboos, and yet commonly admitted and propagated by the hard judgment of others. The unknown, the stranger, the other, is rejected, even subjected to not recognizing himself the diminution of his condition. « It », while advocating an intersectional feminism, tries to raise the veil on the condition of the female genres, without claiming its exhaustiveness.

« It » makes its first « coming out » at the collective exhibition « Genres de Femmes » (ndlr. « Genders of Women »), organized by Assal Sharifrazi and Morgane Rigaux, on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day.

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