About me

Freelance photographer
Fashion & Engaging Art

Lucile Dizier is a freelance photographer and art director living in Belgium. In 2015, she obtained her BA in Photography. Attracted by art, and most importantly by photography, since her twelve years old, she experiments portrait by photographying herself : making a mess in her own bedroom, collecting unusual objects, she stages herself up in the skin of different characters. Stage setting allows her to make a connexion between her young age to her nascent femininity. While her studies, women appears as her favorite subject.

Throughout her great interest in literature, she’s been widely inspired by writers whose novels’ plot are at the heart of her work : how does society perceives women’s sexuality ? How human beings will perceive each other ? How does sex influence our relationship to our body (and vice-versa)?
She’s been developping these thems through topics such as prostitution (Loverboy, 2015) or, more generally, through abuses bornt from desire (Vitriol, 2014). Lucile denounces the « unsaid » in life as the main cause of pain and frustration.
One foot in fashion, Lucile thrives on the variety of her projects and makes the viewer think about the implication of the image on our own self-perception. Fashion is a medium that makes her think about her relation to the body.

Since November 2016, Lucile works with Pauline Wathelet upon a new serie of image called « It » discussing around themes that are directly relating to what it is to be a woman nowadays. The project is to be seen from 6th to 10th of March 2017.